50 pieces of writing advice from authors

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6 of the Best Pieces of Advice from Successful Writers

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Write less, not more. Organisations, principles and individuals will often make they know post about your work — importantly if they are able you. Another common piece of advice from successful writers is to write about what you know.

Hemingway was an avid hunter and fisherman–two activities which feature prominently in a lot of his writing–and he lived within walking distance of the fishing village in Cuba from which “Santiago” from “The Old Man and the Sea” hailed.

Which is why all this writing advice from 50 famous authors is simply stupendous.

Ten rules for writing fiction

You get access into the brains of 50 very famous authors, to get the best tips for writing, and it’s not abstract hypotheticals but based on what they practice. So, when a writer writes about writing, it’s worth taking note. Especially if you’re a budding man (or woman) of letters.

What follows are 50 priceless nuggets of wisdom, 50 slices of self-reflection, 50 explanations as to why writers write. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Powerful Pieces of Author Advice: Learn to plan, write, title, edit, format, cover, copyright, publicize, publish and sell your pbooks and ebooks (Silver Sands Publishing Series).5/5(2).

They will share their best advice, how they start each piece of work, their personal writing routines, their tips on promoting, and even their biggest mistakes.

While many other how-to books feature merely 1 author sharing their journey, this one gives you access to an astounding 50 authors.4/4(1).

5 Pieces of Writing Advice You Should Ignore Posted on July 6, August 7, by James Scott Bell | 32 Comments Today’s post is an excerpt adapted from Just Write by James Scott Bell (@jamesscottbell), recently published by Writer’s Digest Books.

50 pieces of writing advice from authors
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