A personal recount on the experience of running away from police

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11 Tips For Outrunning The Cops

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Running away is not resisting police: court

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Evading arrest on foot (sometimes called flight) is committed by knowingly running away from an officer to escape capture, detention, or arrest.

Eyewitness to Michael Brown shooting recounts his friend’s death

Obstructing justice is committed when someone knowingly hinders or interferes with a police officer when the officer is performing official duties. I ran away from home when I was From San Francisco.

It was the best thing I ever did. I didn’t leave because I a bad kid, I left because I was a good kid in a bad family. It was in the late 60’s. I found some people (hippies) who took me in. I enrolled in college and got a job. No one ever.

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A personal recount on the experience of running away from police
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