Air pollution from vehicles

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What percentage of air pollution is due to cars?

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Cars, Trucks, Buses and Air Pollution

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Controlling Air Pollution from Motor Vehicles

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State Government of Victoria

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How much air pollution comes from cars?

When a car’s engine is running, several different types of gasses and particles are emitted that can have detrimental effects on the environment. Millions of Americans rely on vehicles to meet their transportation needs, but vehicles are a big contributor to air pollution.

As more information is discovered on the effects of passenger vehicle pollution, technology is being developed to make cars and other vehicles more environmentally friendly. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency works with the Environmental Protection Agency to enforce air quality standards, and reduce motor vehicle pollution.

The MPCA promotes technologies, fuels and driving habits that reduce emissions and fuel consumption for consumers and fleet operators. Transportation is a major source of air pollution in the United States. Learn more about the health risks of air pollution--and how clean vehicles can significantly reduce pollution, improve public health, and save billions of dollars in health care costs.

Pollutants from cars contribute to various types of air hydrocarbons and NO x combine in sunlight, they produce in the atmosphere, ozone protects us from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The number of cars and trucks in the United States increased dramatically, as did the number of highways.

One result of the rapid increase of motor vehicles was air pollution, especially in cities, that had serious impacts on public health and the environment.

Air pollution from vehicles
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