My transition to k pop from english songs

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I Believe in the Power of K-Pop

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By now, K-pop's catalog of classics is deep enough to warrant a best-of list of its own, one we've assembled with our ears pointed to both past and present: The 21 Greatest K-Pop Songs of All Time. Similar songs grouped together. Mostly Korean R&B/Hip Hop and Korean Dance Pop/EDM fromand These Korean songs are translated to English on the Musixmatch app, each with the original lyrics and English translation.

Listen to K-Pop Daebak now. Listen to K-Pop Daebak in full in the Spotify app. Play on Spotify. K-pop has grown from the biggest thing in Korea to a global phenomenon. From BIGBANG's legendary status to BTS's current world domination, the genre has gained fans across the world.

"At the moment K-Pop is marketable as the music is similar to R&B and hip hop," says year-old Jon Bock, "so the transition to the mainstream market is easier than other Asian music.

My transition to k pop from english songs
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