Pocahontas a horrific misrepresentation of

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Pocahontas ??“ A Horrific Misrepresentation of Historical Fact

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Federal gov't removes poster after online backlash over Indigenous stereotypes

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This wasn't the first time Galliano dipped into the Native Inspiration Bucket, but this one was possibly his most extravagant use of the Inspration Dipper. While Pocahontas’s name is not a slur in and of itself, the use of her name to describe one of his political enemies is an insult.

Liz Nolan. I’m not certain about the French stereotyping, but with the Asian stereotyping there are huuuuuuuuge conversations around Cho Chang’s name and representation as a weaker counterpoint of Ginny Weasley – honestly, I don’t know where the discussion ends and begins there. Charlotte Overvold, a North Slavey Dene woman who lives in Ontario, said the representation of the Disney film Pocahontas is a "horrific" misrepresentation of Indigenous women.

These statements are facts because they are true dates and events that happened. Although the President stated several facts in his speech the majority of his speech was his opinion of what was to come and an explanation of how he felt about the terrorist and what he felt should happen to them.

"Pocahontas" and the Misrepresentation of Native American Culture By: Tyler Estey, Virginia Ohlson & Alex Karabatsos Trailer Questions Thank you! Background Information.

Pocahontas a horrific misrepresentation of
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