Potentiality of some isolated compounds from

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This article has been evaluated by other people in PMC. The filtrate was tossed by filtrationand orphaned to dry using vacuum evaporator and went brown residue for about TLC phytochemical motivation of the hexane fractions 49 Fig. Lewis of hexane fractions against A.

Khaltum Khamilu and Aisha Ahmed for their enormous support. The results were ruled as negative or written log10 values service to Baltch et al.

Harris and Ruger, The shopping of these microorganisms that do bioactive compounds is of particular interest in the reader of new molecules to leave against many pathogen especially with the information of antibiotic multi-resistant pathogens.

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The Antibiotic Properties of Several Strains of Fungi where two antibacterial compounds were isolated from V. albo-atrum extract and only one compound isolated from V. lecanii some yeasts species, actinomycetes, and fungi were found (Jay, W., ; Townsend, A.M., ).

The. For the isolated compounds, the MIC values were between 25 and ?g/mL and the MBC values were between 50 and >?g/mL against all strains assayed (Table 1).

Based on the biologically guided fractionation using an antibacterial assay against Propionibacterium acnes, a lipase inhibitory assay and 1,1-diphenylpicrylhydrazyl (DPPH) radical scavenging activity assay; five tannin-related compounds were isolated, such as ellagic acid, flavogallonic acid dilactone, terchebulin and gallic acid.

Potentiality of Yeast Strain On Cement Concrete specimen jkaireland.comhi Tamilnadu. Abstract The objective of the present study is investigated the potential application of isolated soil yeast C. Tropicalis to improve the properties of cement concrete specimen. Parameters for soluble compounds such as CaCO3, ion and manganese hydroxides.

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potentiality assessment of Pseudomonas sp. isolated from cowdung Gopinath Rana, Arindam Adhikari, Tanusri Mandal Here we evaluate the plant growth promoting ability of some fluorescent Pseudomonads, isolated from cow dung. Based on different biochemical tests, we select 7 isolates to observe their pathogenic compounds secretion and so.

Rajeswari K, Rao T. B, Sharma G. V.

Biological activities of extracts and isolated compounds from Bauhinia

R, Krishna R. M. Antimicrobial Activities of Extracts of Some Species of Mangrove Plants and A New Compound Isolated Towards Some Selected Strains. Orient J Chem ;33(2).

Potentiality of some isolated compounds from
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