Source work academic writing from sources 2006 dodge

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Ward Churchill

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Mar 27,  · GCU Style Guide for Lower-Division Students Academic writing, which is independent thought supported by reliable and relevant research, SOURCES WITH MULTIPLE AUTHORS For a work by two authors, cite both last names followed by year for every citation.

For a work. A: When writing an essay about furthering or completing an education, consider all of the factors that contribute to your desire to continue to. Academic writing, which is independent thought supported by reliable and relevant research, depends on the ability to integrate and cite the sources that have been consulted.

Use APA style. Whole words only. Participant first name. Participant last name. Organization name. Type of organization. Ward LeRoy Churchill (born ) is an author and political was a professor of ethnic studies at the University of Colorado Boulder from until The primary focus of his work is on the historical treatment of political dissenters and Native Americans by the United States government.

Alverez, UT 61, ¶ 16 n.5, P.3d (citing a Wikipedia entry on Jesus Malverde).

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But today’s lead opinion is the first time this court has cited it. Wikipedia is a “free, collaboratively edited, and multilingual Internet encyclopedia” whose 22 million articles (over 4 .

Source work academic writing from sources 2006 dodge
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